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Hope & Healing History

Providing survivor resources for over 30 years.

Hope & Healing History

Providing survivor resources for over 30 years.

Whats in a name? Everything.

The Battered Women’s Shelter was founded in 1976 in Summit County, for several years the organization provided services for survivors of domestic violence in that location. However, survivors from Medina were forced to drive across county lines to obtain support. In 2000, BWS formally opened a shelter facility in Medina County, providing more services within their geographic area. Simultaneously, the Medina Rape Crisis Center, then operating with two employees, made the decision to merge with a larger partner for purposes of stability and business efficiencies. In 1999 the BWS and RCC of Medina officially became affiliated as sister organizations. In 2005, the YWCA of Summit Co. closed its doors forever and one of its most needed programs, the Rape Crisis Center, began seeking a new home. Once again, through a strategic initiative, the respective agencies came together to serve both counties, adding to the growing combined BWS/RCC survivor services for all.

Enter a NEW NAME: Hope & Healing Survivor Resource Center. This is an umbrella name that will be seen more and more in the communities that we serve. Again, looking for efficiencies of time and money, combined with best practices for survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual violence, the organizations set out to find offices in each county to house the dynamic and expanding services. Working with a wonderful creative marketing agency, the umbrella name of Hope & Healing Survivor Resource Center was adopted. Although this umbrella now provides a home for both the BWS and RCC in each county; we remain two separate 501©3 non-profit organizations. We are united in supporting one another, growing in comprehensive and exceptional services for all members of our community who have been victimized by these crimes. Our campus locations in both Summit and Medina Counties are a safe landing zone for thousands of our friends, neighbors and family members who wish to start their personal steps towards hope and healing.

January 1974

1974 – Rape Crisis Center

The Rape Crisis Center (RCC) begins in Summit County as a grassroots volunteer program.

May 1977

1977 – Battered Women’s Shelter

The Akron Task Force on Battered Women incorporates as a nonprofit to serve battered women in the Akron-Summit County area.

January 1986

1986 – Medina Rape Crisis Center

1986 Local women in the Medina area start a volunteer-based Rape Crisis Center for Medina County.

January 2005

2005 – Agencies come together

YWCA closed its doors, and BWS of Summit and Medina counties secures funding to operate the Rape Crisis Centers of both Medina and Summit counties.

January 2012

2012 – Middleburry Manor Chosen as New H&H Campus

2012 The Battered Women’s Shelter identifies the former Middlebury Manor Nursing Home as a suitable alternative and accepts that facility from the City of Akron as part of a barter. Planning begins for renovation.

January 2017

2017 – H&H Campus Opens

New emergency shelter opens in the fully renovated Center for Hope & Healing. The campus includes space for RCC therapy offices, BWS 24 hour emergency shelter, and administrative offices.


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