Support Groups

Healing together.

Support Groups

Healing together.

Hope & Healing offers a variety of support groups to survivors of sexual violence, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and other types of abuse. All support groups are free of charge and are open to survivors 18 years of age and older.

Support groups offer a non-judgmental, safe, and confidental way for survivors to move forward in their healing process and connect with other survivors who have experienced similar situations.

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Sexual Assault Survivor Support Groups

Offered to individuals who have experienced sexual violence. In this group, survivors learn about sexual violence, trauma, and ways to cope. During group, survivors support each other. This group runs for six weeks, and each sessions lasts for one hour. This group is offered quarterly throughout the year. It is a closed group, and participants must complete a phone interview before the group begins.

Intimate Partner Violence Support Group

The Intimate Partner Violence Support Group is for survivors who have experienced physical abuse, mental abuse, and/or emotional abuse during their lifetime. In this group, survivors learn about intimate partner violence, the cycle of violence, and power and control dynamics, as well as healthy relationships, and participate in activities that promote self-esteem, coping skills, and building strengths. This group is offered on a weekly, rolling basis.

Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

This group is for adults who experienced sexual abuse as a child and offers a safe space to explore the impacts of childhood sexual abuse and ways to cope. Survivors will learn about childhood sexual abuse, and receive support from other group members. This group runs for six weeks, and each session lasts one hour. This is a closed gorup, and participants must complete a phone interview before the group begins.

LGBTQ+ Survivor Support Group

This group is for LGBTQ+ individuals who have experienced inimate partner violence, domestic violence, and/or sexual violence. Survivors will learn about trauma and ways to cope. Our group facilitators have completed SafeZone Project training, a collaboration of the Ohio Statewide LGBTQI Taskforce.

Empowerment Support Group

Empowerment Support Groups are free, educational groups offered to organizations in the community. Empowerment Groups focus on educating vulnerable populations, such as people who are incarcerated, at-risk youth, and those engaged in substance abuse recovery programs. Survivors can learn about sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and ways to access resources. This group runs in a seven-week cycle. If your organization is interested in Hope & Healing staff facilitating a support group at your organization, please contact us at

Survivors Offering Support

Supporting Other Survivors (SOS) is a support group formed and led by survivors, focused on providing community to those who need it. All too often, survivors of sexual or domestic violence feel isolated, alone, and misunderstood. SOS strives to provide a safe space for survivors to feel heard, understood, connected, and supported. Group meets on the last Wednesday of every month!

To join SOS or learn more, contact us at

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