Host an Event

Making a difference in the lives of survivors.

Host an Event

Making a difference in the lives of survivors.

Help provide hope, healing, and support to survivors by hosting an event to support Hope & Healing Survivor Resource Center’s critical services for survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking in Medina County and Summit County, Ohio.

Ways You Can Fundraise

Community Gatherings: Organize local events like house parties, restaurant nights, or presentations to bring the community together. These gatherings can be powerful in raising awareness and funds for Hope & Healing.

Virtual Events: Virtual events such as streamed speeches, online auctions, or virtual run / walk-a-thons can provide broad outreach, on platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Zoom, or Twitch,

DIY Fundraisers: Get creative with your fundraising ideas – from bake sales to themed parties, the possibilities are endless.

We ask that you contact us in advance of your event, so that we can provide support, schedule a staff member to attend, and/or answer any questions you may have.

How We Can Help

Event Review: We welcome and encourage community-driven events. Please allow us the opportunity to review your plans to offer support and ensure alignment with our mission and values.

Marketing Support: Access our design guidelines and receive marketing materials to promote your event effectively.

Staff Involvement: Consider having a Hope & Healing staff member present at your event. Their presence can enhance the impact and provide valuable insights into our work.

Contact Us Today

To discuss your event ideas, review our design guidelines, or inquire about staff involvement, please contact Sarah Krieger at

Your dedication plays a crucial role in supporting survivors on their journey to healing. Thank you for your support!

Contact Us Today

Contact Sarah Krieger at to discuss your plans in advance of your event.

Together, let’s make a difference!