5/12/2020 1:00-2:30 PM Understanding the Impacts of Trauma on Children Presented by Kristen Pavelko, LPCC, CTP-C

Participants will gain an understanding about differences with traumatic events occurring in children/adolescents and adults. Basic biological explanations about the effects on the brain and body when trauma is experienced will be discussed. Participants will learn trauma-informed ways to help, support, and connect to children. Common diagnoses, symptomology, and an overview of psychiatric medicines will be presented. Finally, participants will develop an understanding of secondary wounding and how adult’s past trauma can impact the child’s current trauma. Additionally, common diagnoses traumatized children receive will be discussed. Participants will gain an understanding into symptomology and differences in presentation.

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5/18/2020 1:00-2:30 PM Neurobiology of Trauma Presented by Ashley Kline, LPCC-S

This presentation will provide an overview of the impacts trauma has on the brain of a survivor who has experienced sexual violence or physical violence. In this presentation, trauma will be defined and symptoms of trauma-related disorders will be identified. Participants will gain an understanding of how the impacts of trauma may affect a survivor’s healing process and discuss implications for working with survivors who have experienced trauma.

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5/21/2020 2:00-3:30 PM EMDR Therapy Information Session presented by Ashley Kline, LPCC-S

Have you ever wondered what exactly EMDR therapy is? This informational session will provide participants with the basics of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy, an evidenced based therapy modality. This session is intended for individuals who would simply like to learn more about EMDR therapy, as well as current therapists who may want to refer clients to an EMDR therapist or learn more about the process themselves. There will be discussion and opportunities for questions as well. The presenter is a trained EMDR therapist. Note: this is not a training to receive certification in EMDR therapy.

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5/26/2020 10:30-12:00 PM Trauma Bonding: An Exploration into the Dynamics that Bond Victims to Abusers Presented by Ashley Kline, LPCC-S  and Jessica King, LPC

This presentation will explore the complex dynamics of trauma bonding in order to increase understanding and awareness of the methods an abuser uses against a victim to maintain a coercive trauma bond. This presentation will also explore trauma bonding more in-depth, as it specifically relates to childhood abuse, intimate partner, and human trafficking. The neurobiological impacts of trauma and trauma bonding on a victim and survivor in the aftermath of trauma will be discussed to increase understanding of trauma for participants. Finally, a brief overview of clinical interventions targeting the effects of trauma bonding within the therapeutic setting will be presented.

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