Intersectionality and Survivorship

By |2024-04-04T13:37:01-04:00August 18th, 2022|

As summer comes to a close, we have many awareness months and days to reflect on. Pride Month, Mental Health Liberation Month, National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and many more. We must consider the intersectionality of survivors and their identities, and how this impacts them moving through multiple systems, access [...]

Trauma Responses

By |2022-08-18T12:01:37-04:00August 18th, 2022|

When our body feels unsafe, our brain takes automatic steps to protect us. That reaction can vary from person to person, from time to time. Most of us have heard of the fight or flight response. Our adrenaline forces us to run from danger or fight against it, a natural survival tactic. However, these are [...]

The Intricacy of Firearms and Intimate Partner Violence

By |2022-06-16T10:39:10-04:00June 29th, 2022|

Violence has played a perpetual role in our society and civilization. Settler colonialism, the mass transportation and exploitation of enslaved individuals, and systematic oppression continue within today’s society, often unnoticed and unacknowledged. The violence that individuals face in their intimate partner relationships is paramount to the insistency of societal violence and lack of accountability for [...]

June is Pride Month!

By |2022-06-14T14:32:05-04:00June 14th, 2022|

Pride month is a time for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, and Queer community to be proud of who they are and tell the stories of those who brought us the freedom to be who we are. Historically, the LGBTQ community were forced to keep their identities private for fear of discrimination on a personal [...]

Introducing Our New CEO, Teresa Stafford!

By |2022-02-10T13:10:14-05:00February 10th, 2022|

Friends of Hope & Healing,We’re delighted to report that the Board of Trustees of BWS/RCC has named Teresa Stafford as our next Chief Executive Officer. As a strategic leader with proven success in emergency response for survivors of intimate personal violence and sexual violence, Teresa will succeed Terri Heckman and assume responsibilities mid-March.We’re grateful to [...]

Medina Shelter Renovation 2020

By |2020-08-07T09:13:12-04:00August 6th, 2020|

The Battered Women’s Shelter knows firsthand that home is not always a safe place. Unfortunately, there are times when women and often their children, must escape their homes so that they can eat, sleep and live in a non-violent environment. The Battered Women’s Shelter is available 24-hours every day, responding to the cries of families [...]


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