The Battered Women’s Shelter knows firsthand that home is not always a safe place. Unfortunately, there are times when women and often their children, must escape their homes so that they can eat, sleep and live in a non-violent environment. The Battered Women’s Shelter is available 24-hours every day, responding to the cries of families who struggle with domestic violence.

During the quarantine for COVID-19 there was an exponential increase in domestic violence seen by advocates across the globe. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, the decision was made to relocate our Medina Shelter residents into our Summit Shelter to limit exposure of the survivors and staff. This opened up a unique opportunity for us to begin renovations on our Medina shelter while it is not occupied. Currently, we do not have all the funds to complete the project. But, we have a great start to begin some of the major work. It is critical to complete the renovation by the end of 2020, as the Medina County Shelter provides over 5,200 nights of safe shelter each year. So, we are asking the community to rally around this renovation project in order to make this possible.

To be part of this project, please contact Melissa Hamlin at 330-860-5624 or Sarah Krieger at 330-436-3467