In 2019 the Hope & Healing Survivor Resource Center established the NO HARM Award to honor those in our community that are doing their part to create a world without violence. This year’s recipients invite you to join them in becoming charter members our MAVS and LOVE.

Please join our first annual No HARM Award recipients in becoming advocates against Domestic and Sexual Violence in our community.

We invite you to join us in becoming Charter Members of Men Against Violence (MAVS) and Ladies Overcoming Violence Everyday (LOVE). We are seeking 100 men and 100 women to lend their credibility to the worthy cause of ending violence in our community. You will play a valuable role in advocating against this devastating problem of domestic and sexual violence and how it impacts men, women and especially children.

Unfortunately, domestic and sexual violence are only growing, and more people are seeking these life changing services than ever before. Last year alone, the Battered Women’s Shelter provided over 37,000 nights of safe shelter, served over 7,000 people, and provided over 111,000 meals. As members, our aim is to support the operations and special programing of the Huntington Center for Hope and Healing. In order to continue supporting this valuable mission, we are asking you to consider becoming a MAVS or LOVE advocate, by making a onetime donation of $1000 (payable in full or over 2 years).

Thank you for considering being a part of a community that is dedicated to a world with NO HARM.

Nick Browning, Roger Read, Rennick and Dee Andreoli, and Phil Maynard
2019 No HARM Award Recipients

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