The NO HARM Award was established to recognize the
community partners who have made a difference in how victims and survivors of domestic violence rebuild their lives, one day at a time. In 2013, a vision of how to transform an old deteriorating building into more efficient and effective space for men, women, and children fleeing from violence, was ignited. Over the next 5 years, this vision became a reality, when the now 60,000 square foot building was opened. This could not have been possible
without the unending support of our first recipients of this award in 2019, Huntington-Akron Foundation, Rennick and Dee Andreoli, Roger Reed, and Phil Maynard. This year has been challenging in so many ways and we would not have been able to continue to serve those most in need without your help. That is why it is our honor to present the 2020 NO HARM Award to, THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY.


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What we know. Domestic Violence incidents have increased at least 20% nationwide during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is a devastating and unintended consequence of the Shelter in Place orders. We know that as we begin to open up further that our help will be needed more than ever.

How does the rise of Domestic Violence and the on-going COVID-19 crisis effect the shelter? The on-going crisis creates a 2020 budget shortfall of slightly over $300,000 due to items that were unanticipated at the beginning of 2020. The shortfall includes the following items..

How can you help?

$100 will help with .. Food & Basic Shelter Supplies: Food costs increased as more lunches were
needed for the children who usually ate at school. Also, for health and safety reasons, items
like toilet paper, diapers, personal hygiene products normally donated and dropped off have had to be purchased.

$500 will help with .. Personal Protective Equipment & Cleaning Supplies: Do to the communal living situation in the shelter, extra precautions have had to be taken to ensure that each and every survivor and staff member is protected.

$1000 will help with .. Hazard Pay & Extra Staffing: The dangers of how COVID-19 spreads eliminated volunteers working in the shelter, without them, paid staff have had to work extra hours with extra responsibilities. In 2019, volunteers provided 10,702 hours of free labor to our organization.

$5000 will help with .. Mattresses & Bedding: It is difficult to properly sanitize bedding the way it is necessary to remove the Coronavirus. Therefore, for the safety of the shelter, when a survivor leaves, they take all their bedding with them and new bedding has to be purchased.

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2019 No HARM Award Winners