Project Description

Professional Trainings

The therapy program at Hope and Healing Survivor Resource Center offers trainings on a variety of topics, including sexual violence, intimate partner and trauma. Our trainings are relevant for a range of profession – such as counselors, social workers, educators, victim’s advocates, and law enforcement agencies who work with survivors of sexual violence and intimate partner violence.

Our trainings can be created to meet the specific needs of your organization. Trainings may be facilitated in person for organizations in Summit and Medina counties or through a virtual training. If you would like to schedule a training for your organization or if you have questions about trainings, please send an email to

Common Presentation Titles:

Intimate Partner Violence 101

Sexual Violence 101

Trauma Bonding: An Exploration into the Dynamics that Bond Victims to Abusers

Neurobiology of Trauma

Working with Survivors of Human Trafficking

Understanding the Impacts of Trauma on Children

Behind Closed Doors: The Impacts of Intimate Partner Violence on Children

The Effects of Sexual Violence on Children

Internet Safety: Information and Tools for Keeping your Children Safe Online

Empowering Children: Facilitating Conversations on Consent & Safety from Sexual Abuse

Vicarious Resilience: Managing Secondary Trauma for Professionals



Upcoming Online Trainings:

Join us in October as we host virtual therapy trainings for Domestic Violence Awareness. Click below for more information and instructions on how to register.

Online Training Events