As you know Hope & Healing Survivor Resource Center houses three agencies and until this summer each has been fielding hotline calls separately. Beginning in July the Summit Shelter will have a designated Hotline Room running. This designated Hotline Room will have trained Hotline Triage Advocates answering the hotline for Summit Battered Women’s Shelter, Rape Crisis Center and Adult Protective Services from Thursdays at 4 pm until Mondays at 8 am. The Hotline Triage Advocates will utilize crisis intervention best practices including safety planning, trauma-informed care, brainstorming and listening skills to provide compassionate support to survivors and co-survivors experiencing intimate partner violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse. While coordinating with interagency staff, the Advocates will provide high-quality BWS, RCC and APS services including shelter approvals, case screening, and emergency dispatch to the hospital and supervisor-on-call notification. With special training, the Hotline Triage Advocates will collect and disseminate hotline callers’ information and data for all three hotlines. We look forward to seeing the Hotline Triage Advocates help our callers through their various healing journeys.