There are few feelings greater than those that come with helping other individuals thrive and overcome some of the most difficult and trying times in their lives. At Hope & Healing, the role of volunteers is essential to providing appropriate and exceptional level of trauma informed support and care for each survivor.  The opportunities for volunteers to provide both indirect and direct support and services are endless within our agency. Volunteers are able to sit beside a survivor in court while they share their story, bring an Intimate Partner Violence Survivor into shelter with help from shelter staff, plan field trips for kids with our Youth Advocates, or stay with Sexual Violence survivors and comfort them during a late night at the hospital in Summit or Medina counties. These chances to connect and empathize are often what provide volunteers with the opportunity to engage and support survivors in the hardest times of their life: during a crisis and healing from trauma.  For other volunteers, answering either of our 24/7 hotlines, providing emotional support around the clock, building their professional skills by interning, tabling at community events or giving presentations, watering the vegetables in our community garden, prepping meals with our kitchen staff, dishing out donations to residents in need, or doing service projects around the community are how they feel they are able to assist in the healing and empowerment of survivors. Whether they are working directly with survivors, or helping to create cultural change and foster preventative educational programs with our administrative team, the support and service provided by volunteers is priceless.


If you want to be a part of a dedicated group that does fulfilling work all year round, click here for our volunteer application!