24 Hour Shelter Services

Shelter from the storm.

24 Hour Shelter Services

Shelter from the storm.

Providing Trauma-Informed Care

Battered Women’s Shelter offers a safe 24/7 emergency shelter services for survivors fleeing abusive relationships. Our building is secure and staff is ensuring safety 24 hours a day. The shelter is communal living and has 154 bed spaces in dorm style rooms. Our services are available to men, women, children, the LGBTQAI community, people living with disabilities and the elderly.

The Battered Women Shelter offers intensive case management, access to resources and opportunities, housing location and placement through various housing programs, financial assistance (for those who qualify), support groups, engagement activities, youth advocacy and youth-centered programming, connection to in house therapy services, meals, hygiene supplies, clothing, and much more.

It is our goal to serve survivors, through a trauma-informed lens, empowering survivors to take back their autonomy, dignity, and respect by serving as a safe space for individuals and families to learn about breaking the cycle of violence and healing from the trauma they faced. Our highly skilled staff are trained in trauma-informed care, crisis intervention, human trafficking, sexual assault, intimate partner violence and understanding the cycle of abuse. Our Resident Advocates meet every survivor weekly to provide emotional support, safety planning, weekly goal planning, psycho-education, and connection to public benefits, external agency referrals, connection to therapy and psychiatry services, employment and job readiness support and build independent living skills.

The Battered Women Shelter offers victims self-care activities within shelter such as journaling, crafts, Zumba classes, yoga, dance, conflict resolution, and sexual assault support groups. Our Youth Advocacy program provides youth-friendly activities to youth survivors, understands the complexity of the trauma that our youth have experienced and provides and safe, supportive environment to the youth survivors staying in the shelter. The Battered Women Shelter’s goal is to provide comprehensive support to survivor in order to reduce recidivism and empower survivors of violence to live independent, healthy and safe lives.

Are you experiencing crisis?

If you are experiencing crisis please call the Battered Women’s Shelter Hotline or Rape Crisis Center Hotline. We have advocates available 24 hours a day.

If you would like to know more about Crisis Intervention and how we might support you please visit the BWS or RCC service pages.



Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00


All of our services are free and confidential and/or anonymous.

Interpreters and translation can be provided free of charge for all of our services.

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